The care and concern of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health makes all the difference in the quality of life. Take care!


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  • We have a free health system that is good. But it is necessary to have patience, because the time to get a quote could be late due to the cant of people waiting.

  • Caring for your teeth is very valued, so if someone has a cavity, if it comes to it. Sometimes a tooth is extracted as a treatment option. If it is recommended to take care of your teeth carefully, because the treatment is expensive. The health system offers it, but it could take a while.

  • If you realize that you are not energized to face life, but sad or irritated, look for psychological help as well.

Health System in Brazil:

The Sistema Único de Salud (Sistema Único de Saúde) (SUS) guarantees free and integral care, from basic health care (vaccination, medical consultations), specialized care, hospital care, organ transplantation. It works in an organized and hierarchical way.

SUS Card (SUS Card):

The official identification document for care in the SUS is the National Health Card (SUS Card). Information related to your health will appear. In addition, it facilitates the scheduling (requesting appointments) of appointments and exams, and guarantees access to free medicines. This card can be requested in the Basic Health Units (Basic Health Units – UBS) with the presentation of the RNE (National Registry of Extranjero the protocol) and the CPF. I’ll take your proof of residence because sometimes it pays.

Every time you need health services to retrieve all your documents and do not forget the Carton SUS, in case of change, it is not necessary to change the card, only up-to-date.

UBS (Basic Health Unit):

The UBS is the main gateway for health services. It is able to receive people who are not in serious condition, but they need medical attention. Pediatric, Gynecological and General Clinic consultations are carried out at the UBS, in addition to vaccines and other nursing procedures (nebulization, bandages, etc.) and dentistry. When the person goes to these first units, a “screening” is carried out, a procedure that includes taking blood pressure, temperature and body weight, then going to the guardian doctor. According to the result of these evaluations, the patient can be referred to specialized care (Cardiology. Dermatology and others). Normal delivery can be seen at the UBS, as well as HIV infections, syphilis and hepatitis. According to local rules, it may happen that the attention provided for in the quotation by order of a legate. The user must go to the UBS closer to where he lives. The mayoría de los brasileños uses the term “health care” to refer to a UBS.

Attention to women: There is a spectrum of preventive care and treatment for women that covers pregnancy, preparation and postpartum. Prevention and control of uterine cancer, care in menopause, preventive contraceptive methods. Copper IUD (intrauterine device), male and female condoms, quarterly and monthly contraceptives.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Ministerio de Salud encourages at least six (6) preparatory consultations to measure the arterial pressure, check the weight, measure the belly (uterine height) and give general assistance to the pregnant woman.

We are a family owned and operated business.

An important information in the centers of integral attention to the CAIC child. These are health units that provide pediatric, dental and psychological care from 0 to 13 years, provide consultation services for the treatment and prevention of illnesses, as well as the follow-up of child development.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Caring for the people of the third city. If you have 60 years or more and preventive guidance or treatment, there is availability of medical appointments, vacancies, etc. According to your needs, you will be guided in the basic health units, UBS.

UPA (Emergency Care Units):

They are health units that work 24 hours a day to attend emergencies in clinical cases, such as high blood pressure, burning pains, fractures, colic, etc. It offers a simplified structure of Rayos X, exámenes and observation beds. In this service at the hospitalization, after the assistance and stabilization, the patient may return to his home or be sent to an emergency room at the hospital.

PS (Emergency Room) and Hospital:

El Pronto Socorro (PS) is a care unit that provides 24-hour service, providing medical care in situations that threaten the risk of death. Generally, he was part of a hospital. Hospitals meet medical emergencies in the emergency room. Hospitals and surgeries that are not urgent, are in the hospital with previous appointment (scheduling).

CAPS (Sicosocial Care Centers)

Los Sicosocial de Centros de Atención Sicosocial (CAPS) are specialized mental health units for the treatment and social reintegration of people with severe and persistent mental upheaval. The centers ofrecen interdisciplinary care, made up of a team of specialists, namely: doctors, social workers, sicologists, siquiatrists, among other disciplines.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Psychological attention

We are a family owned and operated business.

If you realize that you are more sad, irritated, anxious to be normal, do not hesitate to seek help. Many people may mistakenly think that psychological care is for people with serious mental problems. Ask for help when all the emotions are very intense, really, it’s good mental health. We have had contact with people who have suffered depression, anxiety and panic syndrome in this process of cultural adaptation.

We are a family owned and operated business.

You are just past very emotionally demanding situations. Leaving your country, your home, your belongings and, above all, the people you love, is not easy. Recognize in another culture, also a great challenge. These painful circumstances can alter the neurochemical functioning of our brain, and require interventions, which sometimes can only be sicotherapy. In other cases, it may be necessary to use medications under the supervision of a siquiatrist doctor. Usted deserves to be well taken care of. But you have to make that decision. Do not allow losses to ruin your possibilities.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The psychological care provided by the SUS is free of charge. However, there are other options available that offer a service: various sicology facilities, some churches and social therapy clinics.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Then, we are in agreement. If you notice that the intensity of your emotions is affecting you, you recognize that you need to seek help, really? In the same way, pay attention to your children and other family members. If he observes that somebody from them is not well, it is not time to fight, it is time to ask for help.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.


El SUS offers several free medicines. These should be withdrawn from the PHC pharmacy with the medical record, SUS card and photo ID. There is also the option to purchase medicines from private pharmacies that are part of the “Farmacia Popular” program. Some medications are free, others have 90% of neglect. The list of medicines can be consulted on the Ministry of Health portal and on the program’s own pharmacies.

In Manaus , hospital care is divided according to needs. It provides hospitals for women, children, emergencies, cancer patients, heart disease and family health care.

* This material is part of the brochure of Venezuelan immigrants, prepared by Equipo Brasil Un Corazón que Acoge (Fraternidade sem Fronteira) and Hermanitos.