Well, this is perhaps the most important theme of this exhibition. You know that in order to survive anywhere in the world in support, you must work. This is the reality in Brazil.


We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Punctuality is a very valued quality. For this reason, even his colleagues were delayed, he should not fail. Depending on the delay time your salary salary may be discounted.

  • In the great cities it is common for people to take the buses to go to work, and spend 2 hours to get to work and 2 hours to return home. The Brazilian hallan is normal, but unpleasant. But it is better to get used to this situation, because most of the times it is not possible to find work around the house, and the important thing is to get a decent job and keep it there.

  • The cell phone mientras is working.

  • Assistance is also very important. You must go to work every day and if an unexpected event has occurred, you must notify your employer immediately. Each day at work will be deducted from your salary, and if you have accumulated several days of absence, you could be justifiably dismissed.

  • The length of stay in the previous patches is very important in the event of a new hire. People who live for less than a year in each job must not be hired, as they may be problematic people for the employer.

  • Complain a lot about a printed suitcase. Employers know that we are in a country with a high rate of performance. If you feel unsatisfied with your build and for that reason it bothers you, it is likely that your offer will be offered to another person. For this reason, we recommend that, if you have any doubts in your work, ask your tutor before speaking with your employer.

  • Here in Brazil, it is common for an employee to enhance several tasks within a single company. This is normal and is not considered to be exploitation.

  • If you go to a regular interview, go with your clean hair and well-rounded hair, feel free to wear it (do not use shorts on your skin and wear closed shoes).

  • Maintains your body hygiene properly. This aspect varied between the Brazilian ones. Also, you should watch a lot of careless people, even though the Brazilian are demanding about the hygiene of others.

We are a family owned and operated business.

If you are going to work in a family home, if you are a domestic worker, pay attention to the fulfillment of such rules as:

  • Comply with the defined schedules, since the punctuality is very important for the routine of the house to occur normally.

  • Wear appropriate clothing to perform the tasks, avoid, for example, very short, tight or unclothed clothing.

  • Maintain personal hygiene habits, such as washing hands when working, collecting hair or wearing a hat, especially when handling food.

  • Use cleansing products and water consciously to avoid waste and contribute to the preservation of nature.

  • I have also volunteered to help the house due to what I need. Here in Brazil, it is common, for example, that many women plan, cook, clean and even take care of children.

  • Employers, in addition to examining a worker from the house clean. I used to check if the employee is taking care of his own hygiene and maintaining his belongings in order. For this reason it will be fixed on your things. For example, you will see if you keep the cleanness you use, if your hair, if you clean.

  • If you were hired to be a child, never scream, hit the child punished. Talk to your boss about how she wants you to react to inappropriate behavior.

How to behave in an interview:
  • Take 15 minutes before the interview.

  • I prefer discreet clothes, do not wear skirts, keep hairs tucked in and orderly.

  • Aim for the eyes of the interviewer and try to be pleasant.

  • No questions are asked about what the employer is offering. If you don’t understand, I can ask you to repeat it, you must clear the salary you will receive, the rest period and the fees you will have to pay.

  • Disconnect your cell phone during the interview.

Brazil has, according to data reflected in the first quarter of 2019, an estimated performance rate of 12%. This means that more than 13 million workers are not employed. Of course, we were able to find a job with which to identify yourself and your satisfaction. For example, if you work with air conditioning in Venezuela, you probably would like to find work in your area in Brazil, but, as a principle, it is more important to work, and due to the high level of performance, quizá usted in pueda escoger, you will have to accept what is present. For that reason, if you are looking for a decent job, have a lot of patience and have the best effort. Work with dedication, punctual sea, friendly sea. We want to help you, but you also need to help yourself.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We know that working in a different culture can produce insecurity as to what would be a decent job. In order to prevent you from feeling exploited, even if it is not there, to prevent it from actually being exploited, in this chapter we explain a little how to work in Brazilian culture.

We are a family owned and operated business.

First: Is there any slavic work in Brazil? Exist. Understand how it works and identify it to take precautions.

We are a family owned and operated business.

According to article 149 of the Brasileño Penal Code, the esclavo work is characterized by:

  • Degrading conditions of work (which put the health and life of the worker at risk).

  • Exhaustive day (that is where the worker is subjected to an excessive effort or overload of work that leads to damage to his health in life).

  • Forced work (maintaining the person in service through fraud, geographic isolation, threats and physical and psychological violence)

  • Esclavitud porudos (Hacer that the worker illegally contracts a deuda and keep it subject to it).

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are going to tell a case published on Instagram of the clinic of the UFMG (Universidad Federal del Estado de Minas Gerais).

We are a family owned and operated business.

“A young man of 20 years from the village of Santa Rosa, located in Amazonas, was rescued from a domestic job in conditions similar to that of the clairvoyant worker in the interior of São Paulo, in a marriage apartment that he hired in Manaos for five months before going to the city of São Paulo. The proposal was to work as a child for a 2-year-old child and he would pay R $ 500.00 per month. In itself, this was unlawful against the Labor law because the São Paulo minimum wage is R $ 1,163.55. But the reality is that the job was done without receiving any payment and the forbidden habit of maintaining contact with your family. In this case, it will be accused of trafficking in personas. ”

We are a family owned and operated business.

As you can see, this young man was hired to receive less than what he would have to pay and ended up not receiving anything, so he asked for help from his relatives and, for sleeping in the place of work, probably working for more of the regular time. This is a classic case of contemporary Slavic work. This was only an isolated thing, but it would be very serious. And we do not want, in any way, that you are seen to be involved in any kind of work that does not respect your dignity.

We are a family owned and operated business.

To guarantee the rights there are laws. They define the dignified and respectful working conditions of the exploitation by the employer. Although it is a more complete lesson, we suggest that you study the annotations of this extract taken from the law. We select only those that we consider important for you.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Ley del Trabajo

We are a family owned and operated business.

The laws that govern the working relationships in our country are listed in article 7 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (CF1988) and the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). To have access to this constantly updated legislation, you can enter the website .

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Cartera de Trabajo y Previsión Social (CTPS) is the document that records the employment contract between employer (patron in Venezuela) and worker. But Ley del Trabajo is above all the real contract. This means that once a job has been signed, if the employee provides a service according to article 3 of the (CLT), the job link may be established.

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Requirements for recognizing this link:

  • Personality. The provision of services is performed by the worker himself and cannot be replaced by another person.

  • Asiduity: there must be regular service provided, however, a regular service provision that is established in the course of time.

  • Legal subordination: the worker is under the orders of his employer, carrying out a service according to his stipulations, according to the established schedule and attending to the organization of services defined by the employer.

  • Onerosity: the work is carried out by means of a cash payment, which can be paid weekly, every five years or monthly.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The most common form of employment contract is called “for an indefinite period of time.” There is also a contract by fixed term. We see the differences between both:

Work contract for an indefinite period: It is registered on the job basis from the time it closes when the service provision begins, but without stipulating it closes at the end. The cesation can occur at any time, as long as there is prior notice of one of the parties.

We are a family owned and operated business.

When the contract concludes the worker’s puncture, he must communicate it by means of prior notice, and must work during this period, unless the employer dispenses with the fulfillment of the notice. Labor compensation for the worker who resigns: the thirteenth proportional, overdue and proportional vacancies, without having the FGTS retreat in performance insurance.

We are a family owned and operated business.

When the employer unjustifiably undressed the worker (exemption without just cause), this must pay the worker the salary balance quotas: paid in advance (even in the working day), salary for working days, overdue and proportional vacancies, as well as the tenth proportional third. The worker will have to close the FGTS withdrawal, increased by a 40% fine on the balance of deposits, as well as the performance insurance, the employer must issue the necessary documents so that the worker can carry out the insurance coverage. perform, if the penalty of indemnity will not fall.

When the contract of employment for an undetermined period of time final due to serious fault of the worker, dismissal with just cause (maximum sanction given to the worker according to art. 482 of the CLT), the solo worker will have to pay the balance of his salary and vacancies overdue in the event that you have more than one year of service.

Contractual termination may occur by agreement between the parts of agreement under art. 484-A of the CTL, in case the worker will receive as compensation: the mitigation of the prepayment, (if he is compensated), mitigation of the fine on the deposits of the FGTS (20%) and auction withdrawal 80% of this fund, proportional vacancies more 1/3 and 13º proportional salary. However, there will be no performance insurance.

Fixed-term contract: there is a prior stipulation for the beginning and the end of the contractual relationship, with the limitation of the years and it can be renewed only once. From occurring more than one prologue, the contract becomes an indeterminate contract.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The contract for a specific period may be used in three different situations (art. 443 of the CTL): a) contracting for temporary activities (transitional or seasonal period; b) transitional (execution of a specific work) yc) the contract of employment (term) maximum of 90 days).

We are a family owned and operated business.

At the end of this type of contract, the worker will have to pay for the next indemnity: vacations more than 1/3, proportional to the period of the employment contract; Proportional 13th and release of existing deposits in support of FGTS. No habrá paid in advance of a 40% fine on the FGTS balance. If the contract is terminated in advance on the initiative of the employer, the worker will receive the compensation referred to in the previous paragraph, in addition to the compensation corresponding to the amount of the salaries paid, up to the end of the work contract (art. 479 de la CLT).

Examples of hiring by specific term:

  1. For a period of up to 90 days, when this contractual modality is from the beginning, because the employer has the objective of evaluating the worker.

  2. Transitional, as in the case of a civil construction company that hires employees to carry out a specific work.

  3. With the purpose of meeting the seasonal demand, as a consequence of commercial activities, generally commemorative closings such as Christmas, Day of Madres, etc.

La Ley nº 13.467 / 2017 (Labor Reform)

Law No. 13,467 / 2017 (Labor Reform) incorporates a new contractual mode called (intermittent work contract) intermittent work contract that takes place in alternate periods with the determination of the working time: hours, days, months. In this way it is possible to hire workers without working hours. However, they must be summoned with an anticipation of at least 3 days for any medium of communication, with the end of a useful day’s response. The worker will be able to provide services to another contractor during the period when he is inactive and will have to compensate, proportional vacations more than 1/3, 13th, paid weekly rest, additional and FGTS deposit.

About domestic work:

We are a family owned and operated business.

The worker a day is a person who usually works once a week, every five days, once a month in a family home. Under these conditions, there is no employment relationship, to be sure, it is not necessary to sign a work card, the payment is made when the person completes all the established tasks.

We are a family owned and operated business.

If the domestic employee works five or six days a week throughout the month, with a determined work and rest day. Under these conditions, the law establishes that the work order must be signed, the salary must be paid up to the fifth working day of the next month. The employer must comply with all labor obligations (retention of taxes, provision of transportation ticket, vacations, maternity leave) and comply with the work provided for in the law.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Work related terms:

We are a family owned and operated business.

Minimum wage: the lowest wage that an employer can pay to a worker. It is established by law and is revalidated all years based on the cost of living of the population. Currently (2019) [TS (2] the minimum wage is R $ 998.00 (ninety and ninety reais).

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Salary floor: the lowest salary amount that can be paid to a professional category, as it is said that it is a floor, even if this floor is necessarily higher than the current minimum salary and it can be fixed both by law and by unions within your competence.

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Extra hours: If you work more than 8 hours per day, more than 44 hours per week, for each extra hour of work on Saturdays, an additional charge of 50% will be canceled, for Sundays and holidays 100%. The sea, if you receive 10 reais for each hour of work, during the week you will receive 15 reais for each extra hour worked, and if on Sundays the holiday will receive 20 reais per hour of service rendered.

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For this reason, some companies will agree with the union to exchange the additional value of overtime for more free time.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Vacations: this is the annual rest period that must be granted to the worker after 12 months of work, a time called “adquisición”. Vacations must be granted within 12 months following the purchase of the contract, concessive call period. The payment of the vacations and an additional 1/3 of the constitution must be canceled up to a day before the start of enjoying vacations. The worker will sign the receipt to the employer, where there will be a close at the beginning and end of your vacations. With labor reform (Law No. 13,467 / 2017) the worker can negotiate with his employer the share of his vacations over the long term over three periods, but it is mandatory to take 14 days in one period and 5 days at the other. Vacations will not be granted on days prior to holidays or on weekly rest days.

Christmas Bonus: consists of the payment of an extra salary for the end of each year. It is therefore known as the tenth salary (13th). The Christmas bonus was created by Law No. 4090/1962, and guarantees the payment of 1/12 of your remuneration per month worked.

Dimension for just cause: If you behave in an improper way, you commit unlawful actions, you can be justifiably dismissed, you will be repeatedly late, you will have dishonest attitudes, you will be able to face this sanction. In this case, you will be responsible for your undoing, because you will break the conditions of the contract. The employer does not need to give prior notice and do not take out the performance insurance, he / she will not be able to withdraw the value of his FGTS. Therefore, observe the good conduct so that they are in the le ocurra.

FGTS: The Guarantee Fund for the Service was created in order to protect unjustifiably dismissed workers. In order to start a labor relationship, a fund is opened in connection with the contract, at the beginning of each month, the employer deposits the corresponding 8% of the salary of the employee. In the case of unjustified expenses, you will be able to withdraw the FGTS deposited on the fine paid by the employer, corresponding to the amount of 40% of the existing balance in the amount. The fine has the purpose of discouraging unjustified undresses.

Advance: is the anticipated communication of the end of the relationship of work by one of the parts (worker or employer). If the worker requests the termination of the contract he / she is responsible for passing on the communication, as long as the company must make the notification in case of unjustified dismissal. This period is at least 30 days, at the end of any job received, paid for the days worked. The advance notice is only valid for unjustified debts and for requests for debts by the employee. In the case of a fixed-term employment contract, this condition does not apply, as there is no specific agreement for the termination of the employment contract.

Transport voucher: the transport of the worker is paid for by the employer. However, a portion will be deducted from your salary. Do not lie about your direction to earn a transportation voucher, because you may justifiably be fired

Food voucher: a percentage of the contribution offered by the company for food, but it is not obligatory.

Additional due to unhealthiness: This value is offered when your work could cause damage to your health. The value offered varies according to the level of healthiness.

Additional due to danger: it is a value offered to workers who are exposed to flammable products such as gasoline, explosives, they work in personal or patrimonial security activities.

Night bonus: night work (22:00 to 5:00) is the best paid for work done during the day. Hay un porcentaje established for this additional payment.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Discount of your salary: some companies may offer benefits to their workers, such as health insurance, discount when buying medicines and food vouchers. These benefits will appear discounted on the receipt of the node, which is a document issued monthly by the employer and in which all paid and unsuccessful payments are made. In addition to the benefits, on the receipt of the payroll appearing reflected in the remuneration (salary, overtime, night bonuses, etc.); and contributions such as the INSS, I impute that the child neglects his salary and allows you to receive pension payment for maternity leave. With the disbursements the amount that you will actually receive will be less than that established in the contract.

Rest breaks: Any worker who works for more than 4 hours has 6 hours will have a 15-minute rest during the day. Those who work between 6 and 8 hours can rest for at least 1 hour, but cannot exceed 2 hours. After a working day, you must put at least 11 hours of rest before starting the next day. Besides, every worker has the right to rest one day a week.

We are a family owned and operated business.

* This material is part of the brochure of Venezuelan immigrants, prepared by Equipo Brasil Un Corazón que Acoge (Fraternidade sem Fronteira) and Hermanitos.